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Since its first service station started in 2005, Prime Logistics Solution is the leading independent and fastest-growing Fuel Supply & Distribution Company in Afghanistan. The company has grown nationwide creating a wide network of logistics and supply chain of retail stations for residential and commercial clients. Prime Logistics Solution Offers trading, Supply & Sales of quality petroleum products and lubricants to retail brands, Private and public networks and transport services.

The Company is well known brand for its leadership, marketing, and CSR programs covering more than 100 locations all over Afghanistan. We are committed to deliver high quality of petroleum products to our customers.



Keeping the industries running efficiently Prime Logistics Solution is among the leading companies to supply lubricating oils and greases for the industries of Afghanistan. Our enhanced & refined lubrication products are made of highly synthetic base oils developed for premium use.


With our years of experience and capacity to operate in the major cities Ahmed Far Group is fully capable to deliver & distribute fuels in remote areas of Afghanistan. We are providing complete fuels range to our private and military clients. Our large, ever expanding operations and investment in fuel storage containers and transportation equipment, we are known for our reliable solutions in all kind of situation and circumstances for residential and commercial needs.


Prime Logistics Solution vitalized Afghanistan’s fuel distribution market by dominating distribution networks, which were operating in the market with a high domestic market share through traditional distribution models and had large gap for efficiency and quality improvements. Our Logistics and Supply Chain solutions applied in the country’s market gradually started to become benchmarks in the national market, which increased our total market share.

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